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Microblading Helps Thin and Uneven Brows. Wake Up with Perfect Brows. Try Our Microblading Services.

Welcome to Zazen Beauty! This is our separate Microblading/PMU location.

For Existing Microblading/PMU Clients who need touch ups, please email info@zazenbeauty.com or Text "Touch Up" to 610-665-3661 (text line only) and our front desk will follow up.

For New Clients: We Specialize in Microblading/PMU and have worked with over 5000 Clients from PA, NJ, NY, DE, and MD.

Clients drive up to 3 hours to see us because we are extremely detailed.

Our expertise is performing Microblading and we do it DAILY. This includes Nano Brows (Advanced Microblading), Ombre Powder Brows, Lash Line/Eyeliner, Lip Blush, and Tiny Tattoos. Voted Best of Main Line Today Magazine.

How Microblading can transform your Eyebrows:

  • Microblading helps Thin and Uneven Brows.
  • No More Filling in Brows with Makeup.
  • Perfect if you have Thin or Uneven Brows. Even if you have NO BROWS from Alopecia or Post Cancer.
  • Microblading mimics your Natural Hair Color and lasts 12 months - 36 months.
  • Natural Hair strokes are individually hand drawn and shaded on your Eyebrows that look very natural to your original brows.
  • Check out more pictures and videos on instagram: Over 5000 Clients:@zazenbeauty clientsBOOK APPT ONLINE HERE

Microblading Clients - Over 5000 - Voted Best of Main Line Today

Check out our Microblading/PMU Clients on Instagram: Over 5000 Clients from all different states.

@zazenbeauty Clients

Why Choose Zazen Beauty for Microblading?

  • Over 5000 Clients from all different states.
  • Voted Best of Main Line Today Magazine.
  • We Specialize in Microblading, Nano Brows (Advanced Microblading), and Ombre Powder Brow and do it daily. We also do Eyeliner, Lash Line Enhancement, Lip Blush, and Tiny Tattoos.
  • Very Detailed and Meticulous Brow Artists.
  • Professional Facility with high standards in Cleanliness.
  • Lots of our clients have had little to no brows and alopecia as well as were post cancer patients with no eyebrows.
  • We also fix lots of brows gone wrong from other salons.
  • Check out More Pictures and Videos on Instagram: @zazenbeautyBOOK APPT ONLINE HERE

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$697 – Includes 2 Sessions. Free Touch up Scheduled 6-8 Weeks Later. Tien is the Owner of Zazen Beauty and is a 4 Time Advanced Certified Microblading Artist/Instructor. Over 8 Years Experience.
Instagram: @zazenbeauty and @browandlashsecrets


$600  – Includes 2 Sessions.  Free Touch up Scheduled 6-8 Weeks Later.

Demia is a Senior Microblading Artist with over 4 years Microblading experience and is personally trained by Tien (Master Artist/Instructor/Owner of Zazen. Demia is also a licensed esthetician with 8 years experience in brow waxing/shaping. Visit @zazenbeauty on Instagram to view more of Demia’s work. Click "Demia" in Instagram Story highlights.


$600 - Includes 2 Sessions. Touch up Scheduled 6-8 Weeks later.

Katie is a Senior Microblading Artist with over 3 years Microblading experience and is personally trained by Tien (Master Artist/Instructor/Owner of Zazen. Katie is also a licensed cosmetologist and is Certified in Microblading, Nano Brows (Machine Hair Strokes), Shading, and Powder Brows. Visit @zazenbeauty on Instagram to view more of Katie's work. Click "Katie" in Instagram Story highlights.

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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How Long Does it Last?

Microblading lasts about 12 months - 36 months and will get rid of all your eyebrow makeup throughout the year. Some people may or may not require a touch up every 12-24 months depending on how well your skin holds the pigment and how well you take care of your brows.

Does it Hurt?

It's a relatively painless procedure that feels like pricks on your skin when you get it done.

How long is the process?

The first session is about 2-3 hours and the touch up session (scheduled weeks later) is about 1 hour.

Can you customize the shape and color?

Yes, We can also help shape your brows and customize it to your preference as well as the hair color of your brow preference.

Am I too old or young to get Microblading?

We have done all ages of clients from young to older to people with alopecia, clients who have had cancer and lost their eyebrow hair, and also women who just want to feel more confident and beautiful in the morning.

Do I have to get my brows waxed or tweezed?

Yes, you may have to continue to get your brows tweezed or waxed as your eyebrow hair grows to maintain the shape. However Microblading will help fill in the uneven brows and any gaps you have.

What is Ombre Powder Brow?

Ombre Powder Machine Shading is good for clients with Oily Skin or if someone is having retention problems with Microblading.

Sometimes when you do Microblading only it may not fill in all the gaps and you'll have to do some shading. With Machine Shading (Ombre Machine Shading) it can be more precise, less painful, better retention, and provide more even coverage.

At our salon, about Half of our clients do combo brows, some microblading and some machine shading (Ombre Machine Shading). It can give clients some more fullness to their brows fills in between their strokes and it will last longer for them.

Can I schedule a consultation?

Yes, if you are unsure we can always take a look at your brows and recommend to you what we think is best. Please call 610-430-1400 to schedule a consultation or if you are ready to book you can also book online.

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